Prayer List

In the Hospital

Ft. Smith hospital – Nichole Ledford’s grandmother – brain aneurysm & possibly had strokes, too.  Pressure had been relieved on her brain, but is still in critical condition (in coma), 7/17.


Matt Francis – to have neck surgery, 8/10.

Jaiden Self – high fever; unknown cause.

Logan, 9-year-old from Dardanelle  – diagnosed with a terminal illness (prayer requested by Millicent Crain), 8/2.

Gearld Rackley (Marian Loyd’s brother of Heber Springs) – aggressive brain cancer (surgery not an option), 7/2012.  Marian requests prayers for peace in all their hearts.  “We got some positive news today about my brother.  They met with the oncologist, he told them that it was attainable to get the tumor, he wlll start him on chemotherapy pills then the treatments to try and shrink it and then maybe surgery to remove it!! How great is our GOD!! Please keep praying for positive results.  Gearld is a very positive and upbeat person! The love and support from people that he doesn’t even know is very humbling to him.”, 8/2012

Bill Lewis – cardio vert, 7/18/12, due to another flutter; if this doesn’t work, he’ll be returning to the doctor in Austin that did his original ablation at the Cleveland Heart Clinic.

Christopher Tarte was severely injured in Afghanistan; – both legs broken & one foot amputated; surgery, 11/30/11.  Keep praying for Christopher, his wife Natalie, and their kids, Hattie, Sam & Gracie.  (Wes & Paula could use some prayers sent their way, too.)

Leeland Neeley (Jonathan & Holly’s son) – button site closed for good, 9/28/11;  his echo function was great and one of his meds (for the medical community, Lasix) was dropped.  The doc said as long as Leeland is growing and all of his numbers look good we shouldn’t plan on the Fontan (3rd surgery) until he’s 4.  He said that they’ve been waiting as long as they can so that his heart can grow. The synthetic piece they put in for the 3rd surgery won’t grow with his heart so it’s best that they wait. Doctor was proud of all of Leeland’s new milestones; had cardio appointment 3/23/12.  On 7/3/12, Leeland became a big brother to his healthy sister, Olive Jean.

Joseph Buehrle (Joyce Owen’s nephew) & family – Joseph’s main issue is being a quadriplegic, while Joyce’s sister & her husband are Joseph’s caregivers with their own health issues.

Hazel Guidroz (Kay Larsen’s mother) – in & out of the Louisiana Hospital for kidney failure; heart surgery went better than expected, but is now having some complications.  (Her heart needed this repair done to be able to function.) She’s doing as well as can be expected.

Andi Pierce, Janis Murphy, Lucille Roberds – COPD

Jean Blaylock (Barbara Dunn’s mother) – Home Health helping her with physical & occupational therapy & personal hygiene (she has difficulties with pneumonia, COPD, and CHF); Hip surgery, 9/6/11; Broken hip, 3/26/12; recovering at Dunn’s home.

Tom Doan’s father (91 years old) – advanced Dementia & congestive heart failure; not doing well as only he only has 30% blood flow, 9/15/11.

Cecil Pitney (Joe Pitney’s brother) – needs round the clock care.

Robert Cox (Vickie’s husband) – lost in Havana since 2/19/11, with advanced stage dementia; Please pray for Vickie and the family’s peace of mind and strength as this ordeal continues.

Jonathan Brooks (Shannon Walters’ friend) – a severe auto accident; surgery for internal injuries. Pray for his recovery – doctors say it could take 6 to 8 months to recover, 4/27.

Rick Holland (Joe Russell & Phil Sim’s friend & president of the Farmer’s Market) – Guillain-Barre Syndrome; doing well enough to make it to the Farmer’s Market.



Gladys Norwood, Ken Hudson, Helen Stephens, Jerry Thompson, Bill Fritts, Jo Howard, Jeri Shay, Doug Hart, Mary Stamps, Earl Whitted, Bobbye Osborn, Daranda Golden (requested by Selby Bailey),  Ray Fullerton,  Anneli Myers, Carolyn Reid (member at Jerusalem), Dianne Edwards,

Micah Sexson (33-yr-old father of 4 small children) – lymphoma and leukemia, 7/2012; recently moved from NLR and was a member at Somers Ave CoC.

Jennifer Wortham – thyroid cancer surgery, 7/17/12; surgery went well. (not related to the tumor she had on her face)

Tami Lemley (Burnis Shay’s niece) – emergency cancer surgery in Florida, 7/5/12.

Larry Pike – heart attack & stroke, as well as cancer, 6/2012.

Jackie Guccione – breast cancer, 12/2011.

Betty Spears – lung & esophagus cancer in remission, 6/2011 {had collapsed vertebra (disc) & may need surgery in future, as of 4/13/11}.  CT scan showed she’s still in remission, April 2012.  (Betty & Virgil celebrated 63 years together, 3/12/2012)

Tom Lamb – biopsy in leg was malignant, 1/19/12. Surgery to put rod in leg, 1/30; back home, 2/10. Tom saw Dr. Sneed, 2/16; started his chemo treatments, 3/1/2012.

Dale Murphy (Phyllis Houser’s father) – diagnosed with cancer, 6/1/12.

Bonnie Krantz – multiple health issues; enlarged heart, 7/25/11. Still in remission from cancer, 4/27/12.  Bronchitis & pneumonia, 5/25/12.

Jim Clark (member @ Dover) – cancer surgery went well, 3/26/12.  (No treatments)

Terry Watts (Bobby Wortham’s sister) – breast cancer, 3/13/12.  Terry’s prognosis is really good, and her spirits are high.  Continue praying for her as she begins her treatments.

Paul Rain (Paulette Cooper’s father) – diagnosed with cancer, 1/2012; plans to have radiation treatments.

Leo Parker (Patsy Parnell’s brother) – terminal cancer, 2012.

Marie Almond (Tiffanie Lutrell’s mother) – diagnosed with stage 4 non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, 2012.

George Russell (Joe Russell’s brother of Mustang, OK) – lung & prostate cancer, reported by Joe 3/8/12.

Bob Hayes (Dale Lamberson’s brother-in-law) –  had cancer and a spot in his groin area; surgery, 1/10, to remove the lymph node.  Bob went to Houston,TX, 3/21, for stem cell treatment; 9/5/11, Bob is home after having his ‘big chemo’; Nov. 2011 -results at this time…he’s weak, but eating better and walking a little each day.  March 4, 2012 – Bob’s cancer has returned; hoping to have chemo treatments in LR this time.  He will have to go to Houston for another stem cell transplant, after his chemo.  There was a meeting in LR, 3/5, to plan the next steps.

Pat Melton (Wanda Reed’s sister-in-law) – ovarian cancer; colostomy reconnected and cancer was in remission (reported 2/24).  On 6/16/11, Pat informed that she had a recurrence of tumors on her stomach, liver and lymph nodes were involved – had surgery on 6/30; chemo treatments. Pray for her husband, Wayne, too.  4/15/12, improving – the nodes in her neck and upper chest are reducing in size and the “tumor markers” have reduced.  Chemo is ongoing with all the nasty side effects, but she is encouraged and says “what ever God has planned for me is what will happen and all will be well”.  Thanks for your continued prayers!

Sue Benson (Lydia Franklin’s niece) – breast cancer, 2012.

F.E. Cook (Joyce Owen’s brother) – prostate cancer, 2012.   He fell and broke his hip; 4 screws, no replacements, 7/28/12.

Robbie Rye (Phil Sims’ friend) – chemo for breast cancer, 4/2012.

Nancy Gateley (54-yr-old friend of Lynn Donnell) – 2012, see ‘Nursing Homes’ below.

Lucille Sparkman Lindsey (former member) – bone cancer, 2012.

Yvonda Tilley – stage 3 breast cancer; surgery not successful – chemo & radiation treatments, 2/2011. (Prayer requested by Andi Pierce.)

Delores Bryan (Jan Harrell’s friend) – Pleomorphic Liposarcoma (high grade cancer in lymph nodes, advancing through her body); began experimental treatment, 1/23/12 (takes 3 days/repeated every 3 wks); body scans will monitor the progress of the treatments. Jan’s request, “Please pray for Delores, her husband & their family.”

James Nail (Jan Harrell’s friend) – cancerous lung tumor, 1/6/12; chemo. treatments.

Shirley Vanhunick (Mary Reid’s friend) – stricken with inoperable cancer, 2012.

Jimmy Epperson, of Atkins – Multiple Myloma, 2012. (prayer requested by Herb Taylor)

James Potts (member at Dover) – bladder & prostrate cancers; fluid retention, 8/25/11.

Gail Selisker (Shirley Pavatt’s niece) – hip radiation for bone cancer, 8/26/10.

Herb Taylor – cancer in remission, 8/2010.


Sympathy to:


Expectant Parent(s):

Vandy (& Keith) Moore – baby girl, Nellie, due Sept. 17, 2012.

Sarah (& Ryan) Davis – baby # 2

Susan Bratton – baby due in Sept.



Chris & Heather Davis have adopted a 6-wk-old baby girl (10 lbs.), Scarlett.  She is registered at Wal-Mart.  (Scarlett is Joreen Bane’s great granddaughter.)

Nursing Homes –

Legacy Heights:

Russellville Nursing & Rehab Center: Pauline Summerhill – #316; pneumonia, 2/12.

Stella Manor:

Wildflower: Nancy Gateley (54 yr old friend of Lynn Donnell) – cancer (in a wheelchair).

Ona Magar (92-yr-old friend of Lynn Donnell)

Dardanelle Nursing and Rehab Center:

Glendon Masters (2nd cousin of Joyce Owens) – room #209; diabetic- one leg amputated, 1/2/11; Other leg amputated 4/20/11, plus more amputated on previous leg.  Joyce requested prayer on his behalf.

Chloe Smith (Mary Reid’s mother) – room #411

Atkins Nursing Home: Mary Barton – room # 107

Dorothy (Sally) Nickell Wing B, rehab after kidney infection; would love some visitors.

Morrilton Nursing Home: Emma Hopper (Dale Lamberson’s “Aunt Sue”)

Barbara Wall (Kay Smart’s mother)

Conway Healthcare & Rehab Center:

St. Louis Nursing Facility: Charles Chambers (Rex Chambers’ brother)



Ben McGarvey, Ben Woods, Steven Renfrow, Jason Turner, Justin Dollins, Dustin Gordin, Dale Nelson



Dena Moore – left August 2011 to live near her team in Tanzania for 5 years, translating scripture.